It’s a huge fear, especially for single moms: No matter how much cash you have stashed away for the future, you might run out of money.

I’ve heard that worry from my family, friends, and clients – especially when it’s happened to someone they know.

And for years I was terrified that it would happen to me. So I figured out how to conquer that fear, by taking action steps to make my finances and my financial future more secure – and that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you…

Even if you feel like a secure financial future seems hopeless – and I truly understand that feeling – there’s a lot you can do today to turn that around. And once you know what to do and how to do it, your biggest money worries will fade.

Your “future money” plan (which most people refer to as “retirement plans”) will meet three basic goals…

  1. Build and secure your nest egg
  2. Provide a steady income stream
  3. Keep up with inflation

Meeting these goals can be tough at times, but with the right plan in place you can make all three happen.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of financial threats that can try to stand in your way:

  • taxes
  • debt
  • market downturns
  • low investment returns
  • hidden investment fees
  • identity theft
  • unexpected expenses

…and all of them can put a serious dent in your future fortune.

So your plan has to include ways to protect against each of those threats, and keep your three main goals intact and on track.

And the first step – the only way to get started – is to clearly define your goals.

Once you have specific goals in place, you can begin to takes steps to create your financial action plan. That plan will include how to build and protect a substantial nest egg, how to lock in a steady income stream, and ways to make sure your stash keeps up with inflation. At the same time, you’ll put specific safeguards in place to make sure financial threats don’t wipe out your future money.

I know it sounds like a lot – and I know it sounds hard. So we’ll break it down into easy-to-handle chunks … and I will walk you through every step.

The most important thing you can do is to start … right now.