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Helping your small business stay financially rooted.
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Young plant life process from small to medium size and growing up to growth big tree, metaphor to business concept in development, growing up economy, or life going on. Growing with CFO Services

Business Support

You want to focus on your passion and growing your business. Let me provide support for the financial side of things so you can do just that.

Goal Setting

What are your goals for growth and success? Let me help you clarify, prioritize, and achieve them. We’ll also strategize together for your future success.

Monthly Management

Let me take care of the everyday accounting so you always know exactly where your business finances stand, and you will be ready for tax season.

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As a new small business owner, I was extremely uncomfortable handling my accounting & taxes. I was procrastinating dealing with it that left a huge weight on my shoulders. I went through several CPA’s that either gave me bad advice, didn’t listen to me, were confusing or overbearingly expensive or left me hanging when I needed them most. But Michele was exactly what I was looking for & helped me lift that weight off! She responded to me very quickly, was reasonably priced for a new small biz owner watching her finances & was incredibly helpful in all areas of my business. 


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