11 Red Flags that Draw IRS Attention

No one wants to get audited – and most people don’t. But if you really want to avoid unwanted attention from IRS auditors, you need to know about these 11 red flags in your tax return that may spark their interest. Making more than $200,000 a year: IRS statistics show that the audit rate jumps...

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Are Bonds Always Safe Investments?

Like all investments, investing in bonds carries a degree of risk. In fact, there some risks that relate specifically to bonds: Credit risk Interest rate risk Income risk Call risk Credit risk refers to the chance that the bond issuer will default, and you’ll lose your investment principal. This is exactly why bonds are rated,...

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Diversify to Reduce Risk … Not Rewards

Talk to most any financial planner, and within the first five minutes he’ll mention diversification, then keep going. Most people expect he means something like “don’t put all of your money into one stock,” which is good advice … but incomplete. Diversification does mean divvying up your investments among a variety of types – it’s...

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What if My Taxes Get Audited?

Tax audits are among the most common financial fears, but they don’t have to be – especially with your CPA by your side. Truthfully, though, unless you make more than $200,000 a year, your chances of getting flagged for audit are pretty slim. And with IRS budget cuts severely limiting their ability to even check...

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Don’t Fall Prey to Tax Identity Theft

Millions of Americans have already fallen prey to tax identity theft, and it looks like the problem is growing fast. In fact, one survey found that during the 2016 tax season, nearly 60% of CPAs had at least one client who had fallen victim to this fraud. What’s even more alarming: Most of the victims...

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