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Before my son was born, I worked as a CPA for one of the biggest accounting firms in the world. Now my life is centered on loving and supporting my son while also helping other single moms and female entrepreneurs de-stress all things financial to gain financial peace of mind. My goal: to make your life easier, and free up your time so that you can focus on doing the things you love. If this sounds good to you, I hope these blog posts can help get you started. Wherever you are on your financial journey, I’m here for you!

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7 Things You NEED to Know about Debt and Divorce

Divorce and debt are hard enough to deal with separately, and when they come together, it can be like navigating a minefield. The most important thing you can do about this is to protect yourself in every way you can. And the first step toward that is knowing exactly what you're up against when it...

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Getting Back on Financial Track During - and After - Divorce

All of a sudden, you're in charge of everything: kids, house, money. You've barely absorbed the decision to divorce and already everything has changed. It can all feel overwhelming, even paralyzing. Simple financial tasks like paying bills can suddenly feel impossible to manage. When you're faced with so many unanswered questions (Can I afford to...

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How to Avoid Financial Disasters in Your Divorce

Getting divorced can be like taking a crash course in emergency finances – one you have to take whether you want to or not. And when kids are part of the mix, and you’re a newly single mom – you need to master that class right away. The first lesson – and one of the...

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Getting Divorced? Cut ALL Financial Ties

It’s sounds drastic: Sever all of your financial ties in the divorce. After all, you were married to this person, you have kids together. And keeping some kind of connection doesn’t seem risky…but it is. No matter how good your relationship is, no matter how well you communicate, you can’t predict the future. Except for...

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How to Get a $10,000 Tax Break for Your New Business

It costs money to get even the simplest business up and running from scratch. And if you're like most aspiring single-mom entrepreneurs, you're bootstrapping your business without much cash to spare…and not much money coming in. You need every possible break you can get. And that's where two special $5,000 tax deals come in. You...

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11 Deductible Medical Expenses Most People Don't Know About

If you paid a lot of medical bills in 2017, you may get a bigger tax break this year. The new tax law includes a retroactive change to the rules for medical expenses that makes it easier to deduct them (if you itemize your deductions). The old rule: You could only deduct expenses that exceeded...

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