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Before my son was born, I worked as a CPA for one of the biggest accounting firms in the world. Now my life is centered on loving and supporting my son while also helping other single moms and female entrepreneurs de-stress all things financial to gain financial peace of mind. My goal: to make your life easier, and free up your time so that you can focus on doing the things you love. If this sounds good to you, I hope these blog posts can help get you started. Wherever you are on your financial journey, I’m here for you!

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These 11 Red Flags Draw IRS Attention…Don’t Be Afraid to Use Them Anyway

The last thing a single mom needs is to be targeted by the IRS. Even if you end up owing nothing in extra taxes, the hours spent on defending yourself can drain your energy and steal precious time from your work and family. Most people will never get audited, but there are certain things that...

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Single Mom Tax Prep Checklist

Download this FREE tax checklist to stay organized and prepared for tax season.  

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7 Ways to Keep Your Divorce from Damaging Your Credit

There’s so much going on during a divorce that it’s easy to overlook things that aren’t problems yet … like your credit score. Getting a divorce doesn’t do anything to your credit by itself, but sometimes the aftermath can damage or destroy your credit. That can affect your finances for years to come, and make it...

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Save Money with Your Head of Household Status…Before They Take It Away

Fight for HoH Together, we can fight to save our Head of Household status. Contact your representatives in Washington and tell them we single moms need this crucial tax status to make ends meet. Contact your Congressman here: And contact your Senator here: Ladies, this one small tax break we get will probably...

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Divorce and Taxes: 11 Questions You Need Answered

If you’re in the middle of a divorce or have just come through the other side, income taxes can be very confusing and sometimes contentious … especially when there are children in the mix. And if you haven’t had to deal with a tax return in the past (other than signing your name), it can...

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Beware the Nanny Tax!

What’s my risk? Consider this very common scenario: You have a nanny that you and your kids love, and she works for you until the kids start all-day kindergarten. Now out of a job, the nanny files for unemployment, and lists you as her former employer.That sets off alarm bells at the state unemployment office,...

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