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Debt 101 (CentsAble Chat, 03/16/2020)

Michele talks to the CentsAble Chat podcast host Bobbi Olson about understanding debt, sidestepping the landmines that come with it and avoiding scams along the way.

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Retirement 101 (CentsAble Chat, 03/03/2020)

Michele talks to the CentsAble Chat podcast host Bobbi Olson about why saving for retirement is important at any age, easy ways to get started, and how to deal with life’s many obstacles that get in the way.

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Retirement 101 (Living With Money, 12/12/2019)

Michele talks to the Living With Money podcast host Tim Mullooly about her upcoming book Retirement 101, and the different questions about retirement it helps readers answer. Have a listen to learn about different types of retirement accounts, Social Security, retirement goals, retirement location and more.

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More than half of Americans think the government tracks our credit-card spending (Money Life with Chuck Jaffe, 7/1/2019)

Michele talks to Chuck Jaffe of Money Life about her book Real Estate 101, and discusses real-estate investing as a way to generate income streams.

Real Estate Investing 101 interview with Moe Ansari (MarketWrap, 06/25/2019)

Michele discusses her newest book, Real Estate Investing 101, with Moe Ansari. Moe has years of experience in the financial markets, and is both a highly regarded expert and host of Market Wrap, a nationally syndicated radio broadcast.

Simple Money Management with Michele Cagan, CPA (Art of Abundance Podcast, 03/20/2019)

Michele joins Leisa Peterson on the Art of Abundance podcast to share tips and tools about managing money more easily and effectively.  Knowing how people often overcomplicate financial matters, Michele breaks money management concepts down in a way anyone will be able to understand and follow.

Saving on Taxes (CentsAble Chat 03/18/2019)

Michele returns to the CentsAble Chat podcast to share her most useful tips and tools for saving on taxes. She discusses the how, when & why of adjusting your withholdings; getting all the tax breaks you're entitled too; knowing when to use a tax professional vs. tax software; and much, much more.

Budgeting 101 (and maybe some 201) with Michele Cagan (Stacking Benjamins, 12/10/2018)

If you’re like most people during the big holiday season, it’s not really a question of IF you go over your budget, but WHEN–and how badly. To solve that problem, listen to Michele chat with Stacking Benjamins host Joe Saul-Sehy. You’ll be happy to hear that Michele doesn’t think you need to track every penny…

Budgeting 101 interview with Moe Ansari (MarketWrap, 11/16/2018)

Listen to Michele chat with Moe Ansari about her upcoming book, Budgeting 101. Moe has over 31 years experience in the financial markets. He is a highly regarded expert and the host of Market Wrap, a nationally syndicated radio broadcast.

Boost Your Income, Grow Your Stash, and Practice Better Spending (Stacking Benjamins, 01/31/2018)

Joe and Michele have a crazy conversation about the best ways to boost your income, grow your stash, and practice better spending. Listen to the show here – and jump to my segment at 15:19.

The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance interview with Moe Ansari (MarketWrap, 01/11/2018)

My interview on Market Wrap, with Moe Ansari. Listen to the whole show, or jump to my segment (23:10) to hear Moe and I talk about my book "The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance."

Stock Market 101 interview with Moe Ansari (MarketWrap, 11/30/2016)

My interview on Market Wrap, with Moe Ansari. Listen to the whole show, or jump to my segment (23:30) to hear Moe and I talk about my book "Stock Market 101" along with how timing, taxes, and - of course - politics can impact your investments.

At the library: Consumer protection week helps people stay safe (2/24/21)

Debt 101

Yakima Valley Libraries offers a ton of resources, books and study guides to help guide you through your specific consumer-related questions or interests, including:

… “Debt 101: From Interest Rates and Credit Scores to Student Loans and Debt Payoff Strategies,” by Michele Cagan.

Read the full review from

I saved $10,000 by investing my own money without an advisor. Here are the books that taught me how. (01/08/21)

… Investing can be intimidating and scary, but Michele Cagan simplifies everything with easy-to-comprehend examples. She breaks down how to invest in the stock market with hands-on lessons, making it great for novices.

Read the full review from The Insider

Debt 101 (The New York Times, 01/17/2020)

Debt 101
Are You Overlooking Something That Could Make You Richer?

Amazon lists over 40,000 personal finance books. While I haven’t read each one … I am willing to bet that in the vast majority, the subject of debt gets far less attention than basics like how to invest in stocks and bonds.

That’s a mistake.

… Enter “Debt 101” by Michele Cagan, a certified public accountant who has written a book that could have been called “Debt 101.5” because she wants people to think about debt strategically as well as tactically.

Read the full review from The New York Times.

Budgeting 101 (American Booksellers Association, 04/03/2019)

Budgeting 101
Capital 101: Personal Finance Books 2018

Budgeting 101 is #23 on the American Booksellers Association’s Indie Personal Finance Bestseller List, which is based on sales for the eight-week period ending March 31, 2019.

Visit the American Booksellers Association website to see the full list.

The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance (Publishers Weekly, 12/1/2017)

Infographic Guide to Personal Finance
Capital 101: Personal Finance Books 2018

Seeking to capitalize on the popularity of infographics on major personal finance websites, The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance (Adams Media, Dec.) targets readers in their 20s and 30s with a book comprised solely of charts, graphs, lists, and other visual elements, dealing with topics ranging from student loan debt to buying a first home.

“This age group is used to consuming content in an easily digestible format,” says Brendan O’Neill, director of editorial at Adams Media. Author Michele Cagan, a CPA, has written several newbie financial guides for Adams Media, including 2016’s Investing 101; designer Elisabeth Lariviere also worked on a 2017 college guide in the Infographic series…

Visit Publishers Weekly to read the full review.

The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance (Washington Post, 12/8/2017)

Infographic Guide to Personal Finance
Want to better manage your money? This book will show you how.
If we want people to be better informed, we have to meet them where they are and tailor teaching techniques to best fit various learning styles. For the visual learners, for example, we need create material that’s visually engaging. If this is your style, then you’ll like my choice for this month’s Color of Money Book Club. It’s “The Infographic Guide to Personal Finance” ($16.99, Adams Media) by Michele Cagan and Elisabeth Lariviere…

Visit the Washington Post to read the full review.

BetterInvesting Review of "Stock Market 101", 03/2017

Accounting 101 review

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The Cost of Cat Companionship (2/22/21)

“When people first get pets, they often don’t realize all the costs involved. Ongoing pet costs can run hundreds of dollars per month, so it’s important to make space for that in the regular budget,” says Michele Cagan, CPA.

Visit Fear Free Happy Homes to read the full article.

If You Donated to Charity in 2020, Make Sure You Claim This Special Tax Deduction (2/10/21)

The $300 deduction can help reduce the amount of income that you owe taxes on, but will vary based on your income and other factors in your return. “It’s not going to make a humongous difference in your tax bill,” says Michele Cagan, CPA and author of “Debt 101.”

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Collecting Unemployment? Take These Steps To Avoid A Tax Bill Next Year (8/26/2020)

While unemployment benefits are undoubtedly a lifeline for many right now, they could be a cause for headaches come next tax season […] While enrolling in jobless benefits, you might be asked to fill out a Form W-4VThis IRS form allows individuals to request a flat 10% be withheld from their unemployment compensation. Michele Cagan, a CPA in Baltimore, cautions that this 10% tax rate might not be enough for everyone.

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How the CARES Act Eases Retirement Account Rules During COVID-19 (4/26/2020)

Baltimore-based CPA Michele Cagan warns that you will be required to prove that COVID-19 affected you personally if you want to take advantage of the CARES Act provisions. Without a valid Coronavirus-related condition, you’ll need to play by the standard rules.

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The New Tax Deadlines, Explained (3/20/2020)

On Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin announced that the IRS is delaying federal tax payments by 90 days to mid-July, in response to the financial instability caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic … According to data from the IRS, about 73% of tax filers received a tax refund last year, so this delay will not necessarily impact those people. But Michele Cagan, CPA, says that “for the more than 25% who end up owing taxes, this will offer temporary financial relief which could help significantly during this crisis.”

Visit The Simple Dollar to read the full article.

Good Debt, Bad Debt: Knowing the Difference (3/6/2020)

Sometimes the boundaries between good and bad debt aren’t […] clear. Many experts consider loans for cars or other depreciating assets to be bad debt. But if you take on debt to buy or repair a car you need to get to work or to pay for a necessary medical expense, that debt falls somewhere between good and bad, says Michele Cagan, a certified public accountant and author of Debt 101.

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25 Summer Budgeting Tips

Keep your kitchen cool and clean by opting to prepare your meals on the grill outside. You don’t just have to make burgers and hotdogs, says Michele Cagan, certified public accountant and author of “Budgeting 101.” You can make lasagna, cake, pizza, corn on the cob and other unexpected meals on the grill.

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What’s Your Money Personality?: The 4 Types of Spenders

Your budget really starts with you: the way you handle money now and whether you’d like to change your relationship with money. If you know your money personality, you can frame your budget accordingly.

Visit Simon & Schuster: Tips of Life and Love to read the full article.

Money Confession: I drained my savings buying my home and now I'm panicking (11/8/2018)

I found a [mortgage] lender who was willing to finance 85% of a condo, and I put down 15%, but then halfway through my escrow period the lender informed me I’d actually need to put down 25% because the condo association doesn’t have the best financials. I had to drain my remaining savings to pay the difference, and I know I am in trouble for a while until I can build my savings back up because I have no emergency fund if something goes wrong with my townhouse…

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How to Turn Your Side Gig into a Tax Cut (Well Wallet, 12/11/2017)

If you’re making money with a side gig, I have bad news and good news for you. The bad news: You have to pay taxes on that extra cash. The good news: With some creative (and legal) accounting, you might be able to turn that side gig income into a tax cut… or at least seriously reduce any tax you might owe on it…

Visit Well Wallet to read the full article.

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