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It’s time to vote!

The owners of these pets submitted their pictures, names, and a business they would start if they had a copy of Starting A Business 101. The top 3 receive a free copy of the book!

Voting is limited to twice per day.


Bailey: "Bailey's Time-Out Enforcement Services"

For a reasonable monthly fee, Bailey and her helpers help people everywhere stop their work obsessing at regular intervals by:

  • Walking on keyboards
  • Sitting and staring at you with big eyes
  • Climbing up your chair and sitting on your shoulder
  • Batting at your hems

And, for no extra cost ~

  • Knocking items (especially ones you really need and/or that are full of liquid) off of your desk or counter when you are particularly focused and forgetting to stop and take your break

Lulu: "Lulu Loops"

Lulu loves to come out for coffee, dinner, and on walks. When she needs to stay tied to a chair, she uses a hiking/climbing style carabiner. But she would like something a little more fashionable. So Lulu wants to create a cute version of an S-carabiner with dog-friendly designs that are easy for mom and dad to release.


Tolkien: "Tolkie's Pest Control"

Do you have mice? We can find them…and, er…take care of them for you!


Milo: "The Canine Companion Patrol"

This service caters to smaller dogs who might be nervous about walks alone. Your pup, with his big-dog spirit, could offer companionship and security on walks, patrolling the neighborhood with his smaller clients.

He could even wear a tiny vest with a cute badge to add to the official feel.


Mutzie: "The Excellence Center"

The Excellence Training Center & Sanctuary for Dogs & Cats

A holistic Dog training center: Training for Confirmation ( Show), Training for Circuit ( like the boarder collies are ideal ), and Premier Puppy Etiquette training. To learn firsthand from Holistic Vets (Adult school) how to feed and keep your dog healthy, activities to do with your puppy and assure perfect recall. This way one is raisin a healthy Happy Vital animal, with good prospects for a long life together with their owner.

The Sanctuary : Would be comprised of Dog boarding. If the owners go on vacation the dog would have a lovely place to stay and socialize with other dogs. They would not be kenneled but would reside in a house, with pet guardians watching over them, as if though they were in their own home. It would have a large back yard they can play in too.

Dog Grooming: Dog Grooming would be provided from select groomers who have breed specific grooming knowledge.

Store: Where you could purchase food from holistic raw feeding with the guide of specialists. Miscellaneous toys and apparel for your dog. Like coats for winter and adverse weather to life jackets if you like to take your pooch to the beach on a boat.

This facility would employ Groomers, Veterinarians, Vet Techs, Dog Trainers, and Certify Pet Sitters. The store would employ a sails person, and pet nutrition professionals, then there would be Administrative staff, and for strong on line presence tech support “ Tech-Admins” who over see the web presence when we have specials and marketing.

I would also have a large out-door area where I would partner with the Dog show centers to host Specialty shows on the premises, that I would rent to them for extra revenues cash in.

A smaller section would be same and just as complete for cats, with a section for the cat shows.


Cooper: "Arizona Laundromats"

A self-service laundry, coin laundry, or coin wash, is a facility where clothes are washed and dried without much personalized professional help.

Laundry facilities range from coin-operated self-serve laundromats where people wash their own clothes to large commercial facilities.