Investing 101: From Stocks and Bonds to ETFs and IPOs, an Essential Primer on Building a Profitable Portfolio

Warning: This book contains actual information!

Most investment books I’ve read are generally worthless, with the author’s ego and business motives being the highlight. With Investing 101, I struck gold! It is a perfect lexicon of facts and information. It describes all the language & terminology, number and formulae, and strategies used by different investors. It’s concise and easy to understand. The information provided has given me enough knowledge to begin trying investing on my own. Excellent resource.

Deborah Walker

Better than Pi

I am almost half way through the book and can actually understand what I am reading. The transparency makes for a positive experience. You don’t need a PhD to understand the financial market.

Jacob Cartwright

“…well worth a read”

If you are a beginning investor or someone who wants to start investing this book is great. It cuts to the chase and explains investing in easy to understand language.

If you have a few years of investing under your belt, it is still a good book to recapitulate what you know and to clarify what you have doubts about.

All in all, well worth a read.

Mala Ashok

Just Starting

I wanted to learn more about the different types of investment opportunities and how to go about them. This was a good primer for the basics.

Jose Torres

Streetwise Business Plans: Create a Business Plan to Supercharge Your Profits!

Great Package! – THIS ONE WORKS.

I have purchased probably 5 business plan books and software packages over the last 8 years. None of them were clear enough or easy enough to get me through the process of writing a good, complete business plan. This one really works. I sat down with the book and software, and over the course of a week, wrote a business plan that has received great results. Every business owner needs a business plan and this is something that you really do have to do for yourself. Unfortunately, writing a good business plan does not come easily to many people. This book will get you through the process, and you will end up with a good plan.

Paper Mulberry - G. Hampton

“This is the book for you”

Me and an associate wrote our business plan using this book as our reference. Neither of us had any experience writing a business plan and didn’t know where to begin. This book helped us get off the ground in no time. If your new to writing business plans or you’re just not sure where to begin, this is the book for you.


“I recommend this one”

From time to time I have a client who needs a business plan. Most have no idea where to begin and really no desire to write a plan. I would often be asked to write the plan for them, but without a real template or software geared to it, it was like re-inventing the wheel every time.

A few months ago I picked up this book, and the accompanying software, and my job was suddenly made easier. The instructions are easy to follow and the software is easy to use, a plus for a non-technical type like myself. Right now I’m even using it to put together my own business plan.

If you are seeking an easy to read and use guide to business plans, I recommend this one.

James Sadler

“I couldn’t have written my business plan without this book!”

I am a proficient writer, but I had never written a business plan before, so I had trouble getting started. Of the three books I purchased on writing business plans, this one was the most helpful because it provides “lead ins” to get me started, with suggestions for elaborating on details. For example, “Our key competitive advantage is…” The lead-ins are tailored for varying business sizes–from small start-ups to large establishments.

Over a few days, I was able to assemble a skeleton of a business plan. After researching my industry for marketing and competition, I was able to fill in the sections I had outlined with the use of the book. My business plan was well-received by bankers and business people. It gave me confidence from having done thorough research on operating the business.

I had bought a used paperback version (without software) on Amazon for $6.00. In hindsight, the software may have saved typing time. I couldn’t have written my business plan without this book!


The Everything Investing Book: Smart strategies to secure your financial future!

“Highly recommended…”

This was one of the first financial/investing books I read after I retired. I found it clear, comprehensive, and useful. Especially useful for one working in a non-business or financial field, this explains the stock market, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, diversification, tax implications, and retirement financial issues. I never felt the book to be elementary or dumbed down, and it is arranged in digestible sections that build upon one another. I was so pleased and impressed with this book that I bought one for my twenty-two year old daughter after she graduated from college to initiate her into the world of investing. Highly recommended for those who want the basics of finance and investing at their fingertips; since the book is in paperback, go ahead and highlight it or take notes!


“Nice overview of investing”

This book is good for the person who is just starting to think about investing and has very little information pass that. This book introduces many of the investment options available and has a nice overview of investing.

William D. Jenkins

“…makes sense”

Exactly what I ordered, arrived on time as well. The book is really structural and makes sense. It’s short and easy to read, but yet packed with a lot of great material


“It explains the basics and builds on it”

This book was a required book for a class. It really helped me to understand the basics of investing. It explains the basics and builds on it. I really appreciated this book; well designed for the purpose of the class I was in.

A. M. Benoit

Financial Words You Should Know: Over 1,000 Essential Investment, Accounting, Real Estate, and Tax Words

“This book explains the language and concepts in plain English”

Too few people truly understand the implications of the click of the mouse, simply because they do not understand the language and concepts of finance. This book explains the language and concepts in plain English.


Structuring Your Business: From Corporations to LLCs, Everything You Need to Set Up Your Business Efficiently

“…very well organized and written”

This is a wonderful book for wanna-be entrepreneurs and small business owners to read and study. It is very well organized and written, and I know of no other publication available right now that covers the same material in as much depth. The author is right on the mark when she says an entrepreneur needs to understand “choice of legal entity” when starting a business.

Although this book is mostly about choice of legal entity, it is also about starting and running a small business. The author discusses the importance of business plans and some of the other considerations someone starting a small business must think about. She tells us where to get help writing business plans, and she also provides some website URLs that are great resources on the subject.

Jeff Lippincott

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