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How Charitable Donations Lower Your Tax Bill

The Tax Benefits of Doing Good **Please Note: This content does contain affiliate links where I may profit from a sale. You probably don't donate to your favorite causes just to save on taxes. But doing good comes with a side benefit: charitable donations lower your tax bill. Giving back has been part of my life for...

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How to Open a Roth IRA in Under 30 Minutes

You need to do this today. Single moms – women in general, actually – are waaayyyyyy behind when it comes to retirement savings. We all have plenty of reasons for this… but when we’re 80 and out of money, those reasons won’t matter at all. So today we are going to take 30 minutes to...

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Single Mom Guilt Spending Undermined My Finances

How I identified those emotional triggers and stopped overspending More than 100 Lego sets live in my house. Dozens of action figures, thousands of Pokemon and Yugioh cards, and plenty of board games keep them company. My son has built, played with, and loved all of these toys. But he would have been just as...

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Watch Out for Predatory Lenders!

And what to do if they’re your only option Please Note: This article contains affiliate links that I may or may not profit from. Legal loan sharks are  now actively targeting people affected by coronavirus. They promise emergency relief – sometimes actually calling it Covid-19 financial relief – to people who are running out of...

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