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6 things to look for when choosing an ETF

You’re ready to start investing, and ETFs (exchange-traded funds) can quickly help you build a solid, diversified portfolio. The trick is choosing the best funds for you out of the thousands of ETFs on the market… and it’s easier than you think. Most ETFs follow benchmark indexes, similar to index mutual funds. That passive style...

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6 Things to Look for When You’re Choosing a Mutual Fund

You’re ready to invest in mutual funds – but with thousands of funds to choose from, the options can feel overwhelming. The 6 steps below will help you quickly pinpoint the best funds for you, so you can get started right away. Once you’ve figured out the types of funds you want to invest in...

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Why Your Kid Needs a Roth IRA

If your child earns income from a job – even if it’s working for you – it’s time to open a Roth IRA. Better than a regular savings account, all the money invested through a Roth IRA grows tax-free. And since your child almost certainly qualifies for the lowest possible tax rate (if income taxes...

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8 Things to do before 2018: Your year-end financial checklist

From changing tax laws to the Equifax hack, 2017 has been a year of financial anxiety for so many of us. You can take control of your financial situation and set the stage for a fruitful 2018 by taking these 8 steps before December 31. Stash as much money as you can in your retirement...

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It’s Time to Rebalance Your Retirement Accounts

The stock market had a banner year – great for portfolio growth, less great for asset allocation. And that means it’s time for your annual retirement rebalance. Asset allocation is all about keeping different kinds of investments (like stocks, bonds, or real estate) in your retirement portfolio. That strategy helps protect you against total losses...

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Set Clear Financial Goals Today to Create your Future Fortune

What does your dream future look like? Maybe it includes a beach house overlooking the ocean…starting your own business…or the freedom to quit your job without ever worrying about money… Whatever your dream is, there’s a way to reach it – but it all starts with knowing what you have to do and why. Because...

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