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7 Things to do Before 2017: Your Year-End Financial Checklist

With everything spinning around in your head, it’s easy to overlook these crucial year-end financial tasks. Skipping them can cost you and your family money – sometimes a lot of money. So sit down, take a look, and cross these off your financial to-do list today, before it’s too late. Spend every cent in your...

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Are Bonds Always Safe Investments?

Like all investments, investing in bonds carries a degree of risk. In fact, there some risks that relate specifically to bonds: Credit risk Interest rate risk Income risk Call risk Credit risk refers to the chance that the bond issuer will default, and you’ll lose your investment principal. This is exactly why bonds are rated,...

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Diversify to Reduce Risk … Not Rewards

Talk to most any financial planner, and within the first five minutes he’ll mention diversification, then keep going. Most people expect he means something like “don’t put all of your money into one stock,” which is good advice … but incomplete. Diversification does mean divvying up your investments among a variety of types – it’s...

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