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Getting Divorced? Cut ALL Financial Ties

It’s sounds drastic: Sever all of your financial ties in the divorce. After all, you were married to this person, you have kids together. And keeping some kind of connection doesn’t seem risky…but it is. No matter how good your relationship is, no matter how well you communicate, you can’t predict the future. Except for...

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How to Escape the Single Mom Student Loan Debt Trap

As single moms, we face the highest student loan burdens. Our loans are bigger…our salaries are lower…our monthly budgets are tighter. According to Deeper in Debt by the American Academy of University Women, student loan debt has become a women’s issue as more of us go to college. And it’s an especially tricky situation for single...

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4 Ways to Ease Your Monthly Student Loan Burden

If your student loan payment is squeezing your budget too hard, change it. On average, monthly student loan payments run about $350 a month – and that’s an expense many single moms really can’t afford on top of childcare costs and regular monthly bills. Unfortunately, many single moms just stop making payments, not realizing the...

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4 Reasons to Keep Making Student Loan Payments…and What to Do If You Can’t

Pay student loan debt or utility bill? Too many single moms are stuck in the position where they have to decide whether to keep up with student loan payments or pay their household expenses…and something has to give. For many single moms, it just seems easier to stop making student loan payments…but that can lead...

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How to Keep Spending from Crashing Your Credit Score

A few days ago, a single mom friend of mine came to me with a problem: Her credit score kept going down even though she was paying her bills on time. I took a closer look at her situation and diagnosed the problem quickly: Her credit utilization – meaning the amount of her credit that...

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8 Things to do before 2018: Your year-end financial checklist

From changing tax laws to the Equifax hack, 2017 has been a year of financial anxiety for so many of us. You can take control of your financial situation and set the stage for a fruitful 2018 by taking these 8 steps before December 31. Stash as much money as you can in your retirement...

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