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How to Open a Roth IRA in Under 30 Minutes

You need to do this today. Single moms – women in general, actually – are waaayyyyyy behind when it comes to retirement savings. We all have plenty of reasons for this… but when we’re 80 and out of money, those reasons won’t matter at all. So today we are going to take 30 minutes to...

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How to Design Your Retirement Portfolio at Any Age

Please Note: This article contains affiliate links. If you click on those links, I may receive compensation.   What are the best investments for your retirement portfolio? That depends mainly on how much time you have until you want to retire – your time horizon. That’s the number one factor ruling your investment strategy. When you...

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Build Credit the Right Way

Create Credit Without Going Into Debt Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something through one of these links, I may receive a commission. Most people don’t think about their credit scores until either they’re applying for a loan or they have a credit problem – like being declined for a credit card or...

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Stretch Out Your Cash with My 3-D Plan: Ditch, Delay, Decrease

If the Covid-19 crisis has you worried about money – and, honestly, I don’t know anyone (including me) who’s not – you can take some practical steps right now to preserve your cash. Most of the standard personal financial advice just doesn’t apply right now. All that matters in a time of extreme uncertainty is...

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Should I Withdraw from My IRA or 401k?

Know This BEFORE You Pull Money from Retirement Accounts The CARES Act (aka the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act) made it easier than ever to borrow or withdraw money from your retirement accounts before retirement age. And even though most of the normal rules of personal finance have flown out the window during...

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Don’t Ditch Your Retirement Portfolio! Trust Your Investment Plan.

The stock market is suffering, and I know you’re scared. It’s terrifying to think that half of your money disappeared overnight. But here’s what you need to remember: It didn’t. Until you actually sell the investments in your retirement accounts, you have not sustained losses. It’s the act of selling that locks in your losses...

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