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Missed Out on Small Business Money? More Is Coming.

Be ready for the second round of small business money. UPDATED The $350 billion Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) is out of money… but millions of small businesses didn’t see a dime. Congress continues to fight over details, but it seems like they’re going to authorize another round of funding for small businesses and self-employed people....

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Business Tax Prep Checklist for Freelancers, Contractors, and 1099 Workers

Gather all of your business tax information here, and the hardest part of doing your taxes is done. Whether you DIY your taxes or go to a tax pro, this is what you’ll need to have on hand. Copy of last year’s tax return Your business tax ID number (if different than your Social Security...

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2019 Tax FAQ's

Got tax questions? I have the answers. All of those confusing changes in the TCJA (Tax Cut and Jobs Act) have led to some unexpected outcomes – like teeny, tiny refunds or surprise tax bills. Plus, the forms that were supposed to be “postcard-simple” are confusing even for the experts. I’ve been getting a lot...

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3 Realistic Single Mom Businesses You Can Start Today

If you’re a single mom with cash flow issues, you need a way to bring in money fast. Starting a home business can get that job done, but it has to be the right business to work with your life. That can be especially tricky if you Are stuck at home with young kids Have...

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How to Get a $10,000 Tax Break for Your New Business

It costs money to get even the simplest business up and running from scratch. And if you're like most aspiring single-mom entrepreneurs, you're bootstrapping your business without much cash to spare…and not much money coming in. You need every possible break you can get. And that's where two special $5,000 tax deals come in. You...

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How to Mix Your Business and Your Kids

They’re two of the hardest jobs in the world: being a parent and running your own business. But with a few simple strategies, you can win at both, and teach your kids some valuable lessons along the way. For the pre-school set, childcare is key When your kids are too young for school, reliable childcare...

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