Category: Managing Debt

How to Ditch Your Debt for Good

Are you a single mom drowning in debt? If debt is blocking your path to personal wealth, you’re not alone. Most single moms – most Americans, actually – have more debt than they can easily handle. This is one time looking at the big picture won’t help. In fact, doing that can overwhelm you…like it...

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How to Keep Spending from Crashing Your Credit Score

A few days ago, a single mom friend of mine came to me with a problem: Her credit score kept going down even though she was paying her bills on time. I took a closer look at her situation and diagnosed the problem quickly: Her credit utilization – meaning the amount of her credit that...

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How to Avoid Mortgage-Refinance Money Traps

Refinancing your mortgage can lower your interest rate and shrink your monthly payments…but it’s not always good for your overall financial health.  Those smaller payments can end up costing you thousands of dollars! So before you decide to take that plunge and refinance, make sure the move fits with your overall financial plans, and won’t...

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Set Clear Financial Goals Today to Create your Future Fortune

What does your dream future look like? Maybe it includes a beach house overlooking the ocean…starting your own business…or the freedom to quit your job without ever worrying about money… Whatever your dream is, there’s a way to reach it – but it all starts with knowing what you have to do and why. Because...

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How to Freeze Your Credit

Your credit and your financial future are at risk. The Equifax breach is just the latest in a long line, and it’s the worst we’ve experienced… so far. The truth is that your information is out there, it’s vulnerable, and criminals have access. One protective step you can take right now, this minute, is to...

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Know your Debt-to-Income Ratio

When you’re trying to borrow money – and that includes applying for credit cards – it pays to know your DTI, or debt-to-income ratio. Your DTI presents a snapshot of what your debt looks like in relation to your income, and it helps lenders – especially mortgage lenders – see in a single number how...

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