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Don't Let Predatory Lenders Sabotage Your Financial Future

Looking for a personal loan but feel overwhelmed by your options.

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8 Things Debt Collectors CAN’T Do

Your quick guide to successfully dealing with debt collectors Please Note: This article may contain affiliate links. If you click on those links, I may receive compensation.   If you’re being hounded by debt collectors, keep reading. Collectors run the spectrum from annoying to predatory. Those constant calls can create a permanent knot in your gut...

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5 Important Reasons to Catch Up Your Bookkeeping

You’re crazy busy. Running a business, pursuing your passion, focused on growing your company… and at the same time taking care of your home and family.

You mean to deal with all the bookkeeping stuff, but it just keeps getting shoved to the bottom of your enormous to-do list.

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How to Prioritize Your Debt

            Covering your essentials and tackling financially-damaging debt Please Note: This article contains affiliate links. If you click on those links, I may receive compensation.   When it comes to managing debt, single moms have extra struggles to deal with. But we manage to overcome those hurdles and keep making strides to pay off debt and build...

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Help! My Business Has Profits But No Cash

How to Spot Cash Flow Issues and Fix Them Please Note: This article does include links that I may or may not profit from. Does your business show a profit on paper but still doesn’t have enough cash? Many new business owners find themselves in this completely confusing situation. And it can cause a lot...

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Before You Sign a Loan Agreement…

Understand All of the Terms & Conditions Please Note: There are affiliate links in this post that I may or may not profit from.  If you’ve ever applied for a loan and been baffled by the papers you had to sign, you’re not alone. Those documents were created by lawyers working for big banks and...

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