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4 Reasons to Keep Making Student Loan Payments…and What to Do If You Can’t

Pay student loan debt or utility bill? Too many single moms are stuck in the position where they have to decide whether to keep up with student loan payments or pay their household expenses…and something has to give. For many single moms, it just seems easier to stop making student loan payments…but that can lead...

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How to transfer credit card balances the right way

Are you struggling to pay down high-rate credit card debt? So many single moms get stuck in a credit card debt cycle that can be so hard to break…but you can get out of it. And paying off your highest-rate credit card debts as quickly as possible can get you to debt-free sooner. To make...

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How to Ditch Your Debt for Good

Are you a single mom drowning in debt? If debt is blocking your path to personal wealth, you’re not alone. Most single moms – most Americans, actually – have more debt than they can easily handle. This is one time looking at the big picture won’t help. In fact, doing that can overwhelm you…like it...

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How to Keep Spending from Crashing Your Credit Score

A few days ago, a single mom friend of mine came to me with a problem: Her credit score kept going down even though she was paying her bills on time. I took a closer look at her situation and diagnosed the problem quickly: Her credit utilization – meaning the amount of her credit that...

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Ditch Your Debit Card!

3 Important Reasons Single Moms Should NOT Use Debit Cards Just a few days ago, my sister’s debit card was stolen. Within three days, the thieves has used it in 16 stores and spent more than $4,000. And because it was a debit card, that money all came straight out of her bank account. That’s...

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How to Freeze Your Credit

Your credit and your financial future are at risk. The Equifax breach is just the latest in a long line, and it’s the worst we’ve experienced… so far. The truth is that your information is out there, it’s vulnerable, and criminals have access. One protective step you can take right now, this minute, is to...

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