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Getting Divorced? Check out These Resources

When you’re going through a tough divorce, information can be your best friend. Divorce attorneys, forensic accountants, and good therapists are must-haves during this emotionally draining time…but they also drain your finances at a time when you need as much money as you can get your hands on. Instead of paying them to answer general...

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Getting Divorced? Get Financial Help

When you’re smack in the middle of a divorce, it’s hard to think objectively – but when it comes to your future finances, that’s exactly what you need to do. It can feel impossible to put your emotions aside, even for a moment, when you’re stuck in that limbo, and everything feels like a battle....

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Getting Divorced? Get a QDRO

Ladies, we are seriously behind when it comes to retirement savings – and divorce can make that picture even worse. So if your husband has built up a sizable retirement nest egg during the marriage…and you haven’t…you’re probably entitled to a good portion of that money. Due to complicated laws and taxes surrounding retirement plans...

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The Post-Divorce Money Plan

Now that you’re in charge of the finances, it’s time to get things in order. Believe me, it’s actually easier to manage the household cash when there’s only one person spending it – even though it is tougher to manage without that extra income. A lot of women coming off a divorce feel really insecure...

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7 Ways to Keep Your Divorce from Damaging Your Credit

There’s so much going on during a divorce that it’s easy to overlook things that aren’t problems yet … like your credit score. Getting a divorce doesn’t do anything to your credit by itself, but sometimes the aftermath can damage or destroy your credit. That can affect your finances for years to come, and make it...

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Divorce and Taxes: 11 Questions You Need Answered

If you’re in the middle of a divorce or have just come through the other side, income taxes can be very confusing and sometimes contentious … especially when there are children in the mix. And if you haven’t had to deal with a tax return in the past (other than signing your name), it can...

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