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Five Most Common Mistakes Taxpayers Make

Tax season is in full swing, and the rush to file is on. And every tax season, millions of taxpayers (and many tax preparers) make mistakes. The five most common mistakes aren’t about typing in wrong numbers, math mistakes, or forgetting to include interest income from your online savings account. Rather, these are more top-level...

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Five Ways Single Moms will be Screwed when Dodd-Frank Disappears…and How to Work Around It

Single moms may face some serious money problems as the new administration moves to dismantle crucial protective financial reforms. Dodd-Frank, officially known as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (I added the bold), came in response to the massive financial crisis of 2008 – after millions of Americans lost their homes and...

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Beware the Latest IRS Impersonation Scams

“This is the IRS. Records show that you owe a $1,556 tax debt, that must be paid immediately or you could go to court or jail. For your convenience, you can send the funds on an iTunes gift card to this address…” If you’ve gotten a call like that, you’ve been the target of an...

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