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What is AGI and Why Does it Matter?

UPDATED FOR 2021 When you’re doing your taxes, you probably focus on your taxable income and income tax due. But there’s another really important number to look at, and it determines a lot about your tax bill. That number is called adjusted gross income, or AGI. AGI can have a big impact on which tax...

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Tax Season Kickoff

It’s official – it’s tax season. I’m crazy busy. And I want to make sure you have all the information you need to pay the absolute minimum in taxes this year. Over the next two months, I’ll be posting dozens of tax tips, all designed to keep your tax bill low, reduce your risk of...

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5 Little-Known Deductions That Could Lower Your Tax Bill

Lower your income tax bill by taking advantage of every single deduction you can… and that includes some rarely-used but totally legit tax breaks that can put more money back in your hands. Each of these little-known deductions comes with its own set of twists and turns, so make sure you follow the rules and...

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These 11 Red Flags Draw IRS Attention…Don’t Be Afraid to Use Them Anyway

The last thing a single mom needs is to be targeted by the IRS. Even if you end up owing nothing in extra taxes, the hours spent on defending yourself can drain your energy and steal precious time from your work and family. Most people will never get audited, but there are certain things that...

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Single Mom Tax Prep Checklist

Download this FREE tax checklist to stay organized and prepared for tax season.  

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Save Money with Your Head of Household Status…Before They Take It Away

Fight for HoH Together, we can fight to save our Head of Household status. Contact your representatives in Washington and tell them we single moms need this crucial tax status to make ends meet. Contact your Congressman here: And contact your Senator here: Ladies, this one small tax break we get will probably...

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