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6 things to look for when choosing an ETF

You’re ready to start investing, and ETFs (exchange-traded funds) can quickly help you build a solid, diversified portfolio. The trick is choosing the best funds for you out of the thousands of ETFs on the market… and it’s easier than you think. Most ETFs follow benchmark indexes, similar to index mutual funds. That passive style...

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Set Clear Financial Goals Today to Create your Future Fortune

What does your dream future look like? Maybe it includes a beach house overlooking the ocean…starting your own business…or the freedom to quit your job without ever worrying about money… Whatever your dream is, there’s a way to reach it – but it all starts with knowing what you have to do and why. Because...

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Create Your Financial Action Plan to Secure Your Future Fortune

You have big dreams for your future…and financial independence can make them come true. This is about YOU, single moms, and your life apart from providing for your children. You deserve an anxiety-free financial future, where you can live your dreams without worrying whether you can pay all your bills. With the sizable fortune you'll...

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How to Secure your Financial Future

It’s a huge fear, especially for single moms: No matter how much cash you have stashed away for the future, you might run out of money. I’ve heard that worry from my family, friends, and clients – especially when it’s happened to someone they know. And for years I was terrified that it would happen...

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Don’t lose 30% of your 401k! Roll it over the right way

Whenever you leave a job, no matter what the reason is, your 401k can come along with you. Single moms, this is something you absolutely want to do – it gives you more control over your retirement savings. And, despite what some advisors may tell you, the process is really very simple. The trick is...

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Getting Divorced? Get a QDRO

Ladies, we are seriously behind when it comes to retirement savings – and divorce can make that picture even worse. So if your husband has built up a sizable retirement nest egg during the marriage…and you haven’t…you’re probably entitled to a good portion of that money. Due to complicated laws and taxes surrounding retirement plans...

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